Antique Process (2016)- Week 2

On Monday, we continued working with the Van Dyke process, adding in a gold toning step. We also finally made our collaborative cyanotype mural depicting the history of photography from Daguerre and Fox Talbot to the introduction of the Kodak camera.

Throughout the rest of the week, we learned the kallitype process and had the opportunity to make our own cyanotype t-shirts, which we will wear to the spring term festival. The kallitype process requires more precision as the chemicals have to be measured out with a drop counter and carefully developed for eight minutes after exposure.

On Thursday, we visited the University Special Collections in the library. Senior Special Collections Assistant and avid antique photography collector Seth McCormick-Goodhart showed us pieces from the university collection as well as some work he had found on his own. We saw everything from daguerreotypes and salt prints to tintypes and carte-de-visites.